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The MICROSEALER-50 is Agkyrwtiko of a component, a polyurethane base suitable for many different ypostrw Μ ATA. It is characterized by the ha Μ high of viscosity (thin) and the balanced Μ eleni speed poly Μ Eris Μ, to which due the Excellent wetting properties, Μ potis Μ and Μ Ikroy recoating time. It has strong adhesion to any type of ypostrw Μ, porosity and Μ. Also, Μ may be used Μ Opoiithei effective Μ Atika and in dry and wet or fresh chi Μ Edo, not Μ Ono as Agkyrwtiko, but also as a very economic µ dynamic seal chi Μ Entoy.

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