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The Primer-T is a primer of a component, transparent, design Μ guilty especially to enhance the adhesion of the Hyperdesmo T in Μ the porous ypostrw Μ ATA. In addition to Hyperdesmo – T, Μ can be used Μ Opoiithei Μ e any product in the Iyperdesmo series. Mr. Μ institutions The Primer-T consists of organic silanes and special additives, which aristopoioyn the wetting of the YPOSTRW Μ, in Μ Eig Μ a solvents. The Primer-T application Μ Ozetai simply µed e cloth, where essentially clean Μ e the YPOSTRW Μ A which will be passed Μ e Hyperdesmo-T. The primer-t dries fast, in 10-15 minutes the YPOSTRW Μ A is manned µ o for Μ 54zzu

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